Several years ago I began to save and reuse envelopes that arrived in the mail.  I’ve always loved writing or drawing on them. Aside from the environmental benefits of reusing them, I like the different colours, folds, and patterns as well as the torn edges that are never quite the same.

The drawings in this series sometimes refer to classical civilizations, mythology, history, art, and really anything that I’ve read. At other times the figures are entirely imagined – a product of time and place, or a stream of consciousness.

I really detest the word ‘Stakeholders’ so it might seem odd to use that title.  At the heart of the drawings is the endless variety of human form and expression. It should be the premise for more of our actions. Perhaps if we were more observant and accepting of differences we wouldn’t have to invent plastic words to hide behind.  Let’s use ‘people’ instead.